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26th-Jun-2009 11:54 am
[cm: prentiss] twinkles when she smiles
[[I just wanted to get a second topic going, so I decided on the fun "vacation" cliche classic! Remember, if you have any ideas or want to start a topic yourself, let us know :) And FYI, here's a bit about the planet Risa]]

McCoy narrowed his eyes as he stared at the wide expanse of sand that greeted him when he stepped out of the shuttlecraft's hatch. The sun hit his face in intense waves of heat and he could smell the salt from the seawater.

Goddamn it, Jim.

He was a doctor. He was busy. And that was exactly what he had told his captain when the idea for a two week stay at Risa had been brought up. Yet, somehow, here he was, standing on the biggest goddamn tourist trap on this side of the Laurentian system.

Rolling his eyes, he hefted his bag over his shoulder and started making his way to their beachfront hotel. And more specifically, their hotel's bar.

He needed a drink.

26th-Jun-2009 05:00 pm (UTC)
The planet had a well documented culture, so Alex couldn't even pretend to hide behind work. There were no real archeological sites to visit, no anthropological sites, no real sociological customs that went undocumented.

Oh, there were museums and such, but everything had been studied to death.

He sighed and trudged towards the hotel. Maybe he'd get lucky and something would come up so he got recalled to the ship. In the meantime, though, he'd hang out in the bar. And study the social customs of tourists getting drunk.

And he'd make himself the first study participant.
26th-Jun-2009 07:03 pm (UTC)
Leaning forward on the bar, Kirk set down his horga'hn and regarded it as if it were a trophy. Alright, so he wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do with it now, but that Alex kid would probably be able to tell him. Turning it over in his hands, he tried to decipher what it was supposed to be. Kirk only had the vague knowledge that it could be used in place of a pickup line for the sexually obtuse.

Having ordered himself something both strong and sweet, he frowned a little at its phosphorescent pink color when it arrived, picking the little umbrella out of it. Kirk took a sip and found it pleasantly refreshing without having to resist pulling faces like with the results of Scotty's inter-engine brewery. He quickly finished it off and ordered something more masculine before any of the crew showed up.
26th-Jun-2009 08:57 pm (UTC)
McCoy stepped into the bar just in time to see Jim downing the rest of a drink that was a shade of pink he'd only ever encountered in the bedroom of his preteen daughter. Smirking, he made his way through the insufferable crowd of tourists and took a seat next to his friend.

"I won't tell anyone so long as you let me drink my mint julep in peace," he said casually, sticking out a finger to grab the attention of the bartender. When he turned to face Jim, his eyes landed on the horga'hn in his captain's hands. He rolled his eyes.

"You gotta be kiddin' me."
26th-Jun-2009 11:31 pm (UTC)
"I swear, the girl who gave it me must've been at most sixteen." He raised an eyebrow, contemplating the figurine with a slightly tilted head.

"In your medical opinion," Kirk leaned on an elbow, facing Bones and offering the statuette out to him. "what exactly is this supposed to be?" Then he turned it to face him, at least, he assumed it was the front. "Hey Bones, you don't think they... use these things..." His blues widened and flicked to McCoy and then back to the statue. He frowned and smiled at the notion before he set it down on the bar and replaced it with his much less effeminate whiskey.
26th-Jun-2009 11:40 pm (UTC)
McCoy nods at the bartender as the mint julep is placed in front of him and takes a sip, raising an eyebrow.

"In my 'medical opinion'? How about in my 'I actually stayed awake in Space Geography opinion'?," he snapped, grabbing the statue from Jim's grasp. "This is a goddamn mini replica of a sex statue they like to pawn off to tourists. The actual statue's supposed to be for some fucking sexual rite." He looked down at the carving. "God knows what this little shit means."

He puts it down on his side opposite of Kirk. "But hell if you're using it for sex here. I didn't take two weeks off to go back to work with a mile-long list of STDs your pretty blue eyes got ya'."
27th-Jun-2009 03:28 am (UTC)
Chekov was really warming up to this whole 'vacation' thing. He loved his job dearly and at first the thought of two whole weeks without being at his console seemed like more a punishment than a reward. But now he had dumped his things in his room and had been sitting there alone, pouting to himself and flicking through channels. Then some of the other ensigns had knocked down his door and insisted he come drinking with them because the drinking age on Risa was fifteen. And frankly, Chekov hadn't had any good vodka since the last time he was home.

And now he was sitting at a bar, watching people dancing with raised eyebrows and sipping a drink with vodka and something vaguely fruity. He had already been asked to dance once, by a pretty blonde girl. He had stumbled over his words so much that she had laughed and walked away, telling him to come get her when he learned how to speak.

Now he was content to watch the dancers(somewhat enviously) and sip his drink, nursing a slightly bruised ego.
27th-Jun-2009 04:55 am (UTC)
Sulu had gone swimming as soon as he'd dumped his bags. The gorgeous beach reminded him of his childhood in California. He wondered if they had sailing here, and what it would take to get on the water for a while. After an hour or two, though, he headed to the hotel bar. It was getting dark and he had a feeling most of the crew was concentrated there right now, anyway.

Fortunately, the bar opened on to the beach and he wasn't the only one coming back from a swim. He felt a little under-dressed, with just swim trunks and a damp towel on, but he kind of hoped he wouldn't need to stay long.

Maybe there was another guest who wouldn't mind taking a half-naked Starfleet officer up to his - or her, Sulu wasn't feeling very picky - room?
27th-Jun-2009 05:59 am (UTC)
Chekov had just finished his first drink and ordered another, glancing around the bar when he turned back around. His eyes landed on Sulu, half-naked and wet, and Chekov spluttered a little, very nearly spilling vodka all down his front. He managed not to, though, and congratulated himself silently.

"Sulu!" he called, grinning brightly as he waved to the lieutenant and made his way over, "Do you want soezing to drink?" he asked, motioning to his drink.
27th-Jun-2009 06:03 am (UTC)
He smiled at the ensign. "Hey, Chekov. Sure, what kind of stuff do they have here?" Part of his brain remembered the drinking age here was...something younger than what Chekov was, and he didn't question Chekov for carrying what smelled like vodka and fruit punch.

Sulu unwrapped the towel from his waist and hung it on his shoulders instead. "Enjoying it here so far?"
27th-Jun-2009 06:18 am (UTC)
He took another sip of his drink, holding the alcohol on his tongue for a moment and savoring the bite of the vodka.

"I do not know, really. I asked if they had real wodka and they did so..." Chekov laughed and shrugged, leading the way back over to the bar, "Oh, wery much! At first I was sad, to leave the Enterprise, but the other ensigns drag me here and they have wodka, so I am happy again!" he recounted joyously, finishing his story with another sip.

"A girl came up to me before, but she left." he added, making a face.
28th-Jun-2009 10:31 pm (UTC) - The Misadventures of the mostly Gen character on Shore Leave
((As the subject says. Emily's ideal Shore Leave consisted of reading by the pool... but that's not very much fun. And I mostly created her to be a gen type of character so smexings are unlikely. So I decided to torment her for a bit.))

Emily Rose was seriously reconsidering her choice in friends... though the word ‘Friends’ and the people she associated with it was a bit of a stretch. No, ‘People who tease/annoy her ‘for her own good’ as well as a bit of amusement on their part’ might fit better.

Or so the letter they left in her suitcase claimed. Aside from the letter - which explained the reasons for her restocked suitcase as being ‘needs to get laid’ - her clothes had been replaced with bikinis and what she assumed was lingerie. In truth, it looked more like a pile of string than clothing.

Her toiletries, thankfully, had been untouched though her make up hadn’t been given the same fate. Aside from foundation, everything was darker and, obviously meant to be, sexier.

But that was fine, she could have let all this side if they had left it there. They hadn’t. No, the other, smaller bag that consisted of the books she had planned to read while on leave had been replaced with twelve different variations of the Kama Sutra, each from a different planet.

She only hoped that she was assigned to do their mandatory Post-Shore Leave exam.

The first thing she did was sort her 'clothes' into three piles: No way in hell, Doesn't fit, and It's better than nothing. Surprisingly, some of the lingerie could pass as tight/low cut/see through tops.

In the end, the outfit she managed to put together... still looked like it came from a porno but a very conservative one. The top was silky, black and obviously a nightie but it wasn't see through, too low, or too tight, and the hot pants, while eye burningly pink, weren't thongs or any undergarment of any kind, and the standard Starfleet boots looked strange with everything else but there was no way in hell she was wearing those Stiletto heels the hell beasts had left her.

She picked up the bag with her 'books', ignoring the letter's statement about being careful with them, and went off in search of the nearest pawn shop while hoping no one from the ship saw/recognized her.

29th-Jun-2009 09:12 pm (UTC)
The last shuttle for Risa had left approximately an hour ago. Nearly the entire crew had gone down to the pleasure planet - this galactic sector had been neutral for as long as anyone could remember, so there was little chance of a surprise attack. The only contact the Enterprise would have over the next two weeks would be supply shuttles and repair droids.

It was times like this that Montgomery Scott lived for. He could walk the long, low-lit halls and truly feel as if he were completely alone with his ship. Of course, technically speaking she wasn’t his - she was the ‘property’ of Starfleet, and besides that Scotty knew that Kirk felt just as possessive as he did. And really, he couldn’t ask for a better for a better captain than Jim.

But when it came down to it, Scotty was the one who knew her, really knew her. Every control panel, every Jefferies tube, every nut and bolt and floor tile. When they stopped for repairs, minor or major, he always ordered a complete inspection - and even then he personally re-checked almost everything. He made unnecessary improvements just for the sake of keeping her top-of-the-line. He was the one who made sure that through those so many battles, she looked good as new. He knew her like the back of his hand - nay, better than.

Some of the crew hated staying on the ship by themselves. They complained that it felt deserted, like a ghost town. They said the silence drove them crazy.

Scotty loved every minute of it. The Enterprise seemed to hum around him, a quiet, soothing murmur that only he seemed able to hear. And when there was no one to overhear, no one to mock or make fun, Scotty would talk to her. Nothing in specific, just an easy, companionable conversation. And maybe, just maybe he was crazy enough to hear her speak back.
1st-Jul-2009 04:48 am (UTC)
Emily Rose wondered if it was possible to get permanent damage from being slapped/pinched on the ass too much. She was fairly certain she had a very noticeable bruise by this point. Apparently, the ideas of 'Personal Space' and 'Sexual Harassment' didn't exist on the pleasure planet.

The Pawn Shop was very generous with her 'books', it seems the Kama Sutra was a very popular item that was hard to keep in stock - and having multiple variations of it was a big plus. She had gotten enough money out of the deal buy a new, rechargeable battery for her roll-up piano, various books of sheet music for aforementioned piano, and, after finding that almost every clothing store within walking distance contained garments are more revealing that what she was currently wearing, spent the majority of the money on books of varying genres.

As soon as she returned to her hotel room, the contents of her suitcase dumped on the floor for whoever would want it and her purchases safely tucked away.

Now, to try and find a way back to the Enterprise - She'll think of a good reason to tell her superiors later... could you get in trouble for ditching shore leave to work on the ship? She'll think on that later too.

She found her communicator and hoped Scotty was somewhere near his.
1st-Jul-2009 08:53 pm (UTC)
The crackle of his communicator drew him out of his musings. For a moment Scotty considered ignoring the call - it could have gotten lost in interference, he could have left his commlink in his quarters.

But it could be important. Maybe there was a plague down on the planet and the crew needed to be beamed up immediately.

'This'd better be good,' he thought to himself. Unclipping the com from his waste, he forced a good-natured smile. "Scott here."
1st-Jul-2009 09:10 pm (UTC)
"Scotty," Emily smiled in relief, even though she could tell the scot's smile was a bit forced. "I need a favor."
1st-Jul-2009 09:15 pm (UTC)
"Another one, lass?" He raised an eyebrow in mock-suspicion. "What will people think?"

Scotty sighed and this time he really did smile. The nurse was one of the more tolerable people on this ship - polite, nice, and stayed out of his way. Well, most of the time.

"What do you need?"
30th-Jun-2009 04:52 pm (UTC)
"Come here," Dusty whispered soothingly to the crab. He was lying on his stomach, arm extended toward the animal. From everything he'd read, fire crabs were peaceful creatures unless provoked, in which case they bit down on their attacker, releasing a venom that burned like hell. Even Dusty wasn't sure why he was messing with an animal that could potentially cause him a great deal of pain, but still he cooed to the multi-legged animial, trying to get it to come.

When the crab was within snatching distance, Dusty slowly slipped his palm beneath it and lifted it. He smiled at making such a catch. The thing that interested him most about fire crabs was their venom. If he could get a sample, and study it-

His thoughts were cut off by a sharp pain in the hand that held the creature, followed by a burning sensation. "Ahh!" he exclaimed, dropping the crab. "Son of a bitch!"

It really does burn like fire, he thought as he watched the crab scurry away. Well, this was something he didn't look forward to explaining to medical.
1st-Jul-2009 02:37 am (UTC)
Waking up in someone else's arms(when he wasn't waking up to furiously write down math concepts) had been a surreal and slightly scary, until he'd remembered everything that had happened last night and blushed furiously. Then he'd trailed his fingers down Hikaru's arm and kissed up his jaw, attempting to wake his... boyfriend? Was that appropriate? He suddenly felt a surge of fear and wondered if maybe Hikaru didn't really want to wake up to a Russian kissing him.
1st-Jul-2009 02:40 am (UTC)
Kisses nice. Hikaru's eyes fluttered as he mumbled something incomprehensible.

Wait, who was kissing him?

He jerked awake and relaxed almost immediately when he saw Pavel, smiling tiredly and wiping sleep from his eyes. "Hey."
1st-Jul-2009 03:00 am (UTC)
He pulled back then, managing a small smile and a shy blush.

"Hi." he said quietly, pulling his hand back and folding it under him, "Good morning." He glanced down between them, trying to swallow his anxiety and suddenly losing the ability to look Hikaru in the eye.
1st-Jul-2009 03:02 am (UTC)
"Good morning," Hikaru echoed, amused. He pulled Pavel closer with a hand on the back of his head, kissing the Russian's cheek. "I'd kiss you properly, but..." he shrugged. "Morning breath. Do you still want to go explore the planet a bit today?"